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General science notes in Hindi

General science hand written class notes hindi for all govt. exams.

General Science Notes

General science notes for all competitive exam now available for free download in pdf formet. The Subjects like Physics, Chemistry & Biology are very important for the general undersatanding of things around us, thats the reason why these subjects become even more vital for any competitive examination.

Here, we have compiled all the three Subjects in detail with proper study notes under the “General Science notes” Section.

This study material would help you to understand the basics and even give you the broader perspective to get prepare for the examination.

General science notes cover these topics:

  1. जीव विज्ञान ( Biology )
  2. पारिस्थिथिकी तंत्र ( Ecology )
  3. भौतिकी ( Physics )
  4. रसायन शास्त्र ( Chemistry )
  5. जैव तकनीकी ( Bio-Tech ) and more


कुल पेज: 334
PDF size: 7.2 MB

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